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Helping the social sector understand the outcomes and impact of their programs so that they can make informed decisions, communicate their results and demonstrate their value to stakeholders and funders.

How can Social Evaluate benefit your organisation?

Whether you’re a charity, not for profit, social enterprisefunderphilanthropist or corporate, evaluation can help you make a greater difference to the people and causes you work with. It can help you to understand and improve your work, motivate staff and volunteers, and attract funding.

The purpose of evaluation is to facilitate learning and to improve you’re your strategy initiative or program.  This learning happens through a process of collecting and summarising evidence that leads to conclusions about the value, merit and significance or quality of a program or intervention.

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Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks

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Social Return on Investment Analysis - demonstrate the social value you are creating

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Training your staff to be 'Evaluative Thinkers'

Evaluative Thinking

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Social Evaluate can simplify and guide your organisation initiative or program through a process of Evaluative Thinking – A systematic approach of telling your story.

Who is Social Evaluate?

Social Evaluate is based in Perth Western Australia and is led by Outcomes Specialist, Annette Hoskisson.   

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